RetroFoam Dealer Personally Sees Huge Benefits of RetroFoam
“RetroFoam helped us save significantly on the energy bills in our shop and made our homes more comfortable. It’s easy for us to sell RetroFoam to our customers because we know its benefits first hand.” Robert Hafler, President, and Jim Ruiz, Vice President, RetroFoam of West Michigan.

RetroFoam Dealers Practice What They Preach!
Jim Ruiz and Robert Hafler, owners of RetroFoam of West Michigan, knew a good thing when they found it. Jim and Bob not only became RetroFoam dealers, but they also used the product to significantly decrease energy costs in their company’s pole barn and to make their homes more comfortable as well.

Warm Home
Vicki Hafler reports that a bedroom of the couples’ seven year old home was always cold. The room had been built above a porch. So Jim and Bob installed RetroFoam in the floor joist between the first and second floors of their home. Now the room stays comfortably warm all winter. Vicki reports, “It’s amazing how much difference RetroFoam made in that room!”

Decreased Utility Bills
RetroFoam of West Michigan keeps its shop materials in a 1920 square foot pole barn. During the winter, the company typically paid $265 a month in energy bills during the winter.

To lower these costs, Bob and Jim installed RetroFoam in two thirds of the building’s walls, which were 12 feet high. Afterwards, the energy bills dropped more than $130 a month during the winter months! That’s nearly 50% savings on their heating bills each month, more than $675 in just five months!