Ann Arbor Energy Analyst Proves that Utility Costs can be Reduced by RetroFoam

The city of Ann Arbor built housing to sell to low income families. The city guaranteed low utility expenses but quickly discovered they could not live up to their promise. RetroFoam of Michigan came to the rescue!  Tests by the city’s energy analyst revealed potential drops in utility costs of 13-20% after installing RetroFoam over the existing fiberglass insulation.

Drafty Apartments
These two particular units of the Stone School Townhouses had already been insulated with fiberglass. However, measurements indicated that drafts were very high.

Natural Air Changes per Hour (NACH) is a measurement of draftiness. Tests indicated the two bedroom apartments had a high NACH of 1.34 with fiberglass insulation. Three bedroom apartments had an NACH of 1.2. The industry standard for acceptable drafts is an NACH of .5!

RetroFoam to the Rescue
Ann Arbor requested that RetroFoam of Michigan re-insulate the apartments with injected foam. After the job was complete, the housing rehabilitation specialist for the City of Ann Arbor commented, “Great job on the condos. Everyone is happy with how your company handled the job.”

Less Drafty and Lower Utility Bills
When the energy analyst conducted new draft tests, he found that the NACH for the 2-bedroom apartments had dropped to an average of .37 (a 72% decrease) and the 3-bedroom apartments NACH dropped 71% to .35!

The energy analyst entered the NACH results into a model for energy costs and discovered that residents of the Stone School Townhouses can respectively expect reductions in utility costs from 13-20%!  RetroFoam saves the day!