The 100 Year Old House
Kara Cole’s ancestors purchased a farm in Holden, Missouri,  in 1906. Shortly thereafter, they built a 700 square foot house on the property, a home that had no insulation.

The Coles decided to move into that historic home in 2002. To make the home livable for his family, Chuck Cole converted the upstairs attic into bedrooms for the kids. He also installed baseboard heating to replace the single gravity gas furnace. And to cool the home, he added three window air conditioning units.

Heating and Cooling Troubles
Despite these efforts at improving the home’s comfort, the Coles quickly noticed that they were always cold in the winter and the summer of 2005 proved to be a scorcher.

“The window air conditioning units froze up often from running continually. The units then had to be turned off to defrost. Once the air conditioner units were turned back on, it took quite some time to cool the home again. From constant use, the air conditioning units finally burned out completely. At least $450 in window air conditioning units were destroyed.”

RetroFoam to the Rescue
In the spring of 2006, RetroFoam of Kansas City installed RetroFoam in all the walls of the home in a six hour period. Even though winter had passed and summer was just around the corner, the Coles noticed some immediate differences…

“We can already tell the difference with RetroFoam. The air conditioning units don’t have to run continually to keep the house cool. If we shut down the air conditioners, it doesn’t take long for the house to cool off once we restart them. Before RetroFoam, whenever a storm would approach, we could hear the wind whistling through the house. Now, we never hear that noise. I sprayed constantly for bugs before we installed RetroFoam. Since then, I’ve sprayed once. There are  fewer pests coming indoors. RetroFoam is a neat product.  I am sure that we’ll continue to see the benefits of having it installed.”

Chuck reports that he is looking forward to seeing his energy costs drop in the summer and winter.  He is also looking forward to increased comfort in a warmer home when winter arrives.