$76 on our FIRST BILL!

$76 on our FIRST BILL!
November 8, 2016

WOW. You and your team came to our place in mid-December to install your home insulation product. Your crew worked hard, cleaned up after themselves, and took good care of our home. That night, after Retrofoam had completed installation, my wife and I could immediately tell something was different in our home. It was a day or two before we figured out what it was.

First of all – the house is so QUIET. We can’t hear traffic on our street, we can’t even tell when the furnace is running! Our house was built in 1977, so obviously we were a good candidate for re-insulation. We love how cozy our home is now – no more drafts (other than the 34-year-old windows).

The real satisfaction came in our mail yesterday. We wanted to see if we could quantify our savings, so we got a copy of our last twelve months utilities. In January of 2010 our utility bill was $330. Our bill yesterday… $254!! $76 on our FIRST BILL! We are so happy with our choice and will recommend your product to anyone who will listen. THANK YOU!