Entire house seemed warmer, no drafts

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Just gotta say thanks for the great job you and your crew did. Having been in the construction industry for the last 25 years, I know sometimes there are promises made that just don’t get the follow through. In this case my hat is off to you guys. They got here when they said the would, they were very professional while here and did an amazing job of replacing all of the siding that they took off. They were here just one day and did a fantastic job of insulating the walls. Great crew. I could tell immediately that the sound level had changed to be much quieter inside. My wife and I both commented on how the entire house seemed warmer, no drafts, and we never heard the furnace kick on and off in the night like we usually did. Cant wait to see the next utility bill. The change is very noticeable. I was also impressed with way the crew cleaned up. I cant tell they were even here. They even cleaned off some of the ice on the driveway. Thanks again. Use my name if you would like, I have nothing but good things to say.

Dan and Sue Hubacek Cedar Rapids, IA November 8, 2016