Five stars from me and my family

Five stars from me and my family
November 8, 2016

I just had your company, RetroFoam of Iowa, finish the job of insulating the walls of my 1968 colonial house. Because it was built in the 60′s when energy was cheap, it virtually had little to no insulation that was suitable for weather extremes. We could see a candle flicker in the winter or summer even though we had replaced all the windows.

We are thrilled with not only the complete job performed but how it was performed. Installers were respectful not only in person but in regard to the condition of our home. Everything was cleaned up nicely
and the work was thorough to the condition of our home. There was no hedging on the amount of the product used between the studs in the walls. Each section was completely filled. This is a wonderful product and I have immediately noticed results. The heat is kept out. Our air conditioner no longer runs constantly and the inside temperature is easily kept at 72 degrees. I cannot wait for our first freeze to see how the heat will stay in the home. My wife has asthma. The product had no affect on her asthma as far as worsening the condition. There was no odor either.

Once again, I would recommend this company and its employees without any reservations whatsoever. Five stars from me and my family. Thank you very, very much and I will keep your sign in my yard as long as it holds together because I believe others should get this product in their homes and your installers know the job very, very well. It is rare these days to have competent and intelligent people hired to work on your home. Thank you again. If you need referrals just let me know!