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At RetroFoam Iowa we install the best insulation for existing homes! RetroFoam wall insulation can save you up to 50% on your energy bills.  The benefits of RetroFoam are invaluable, including energy efficiency, lowering utility bills, a brief installation process and the best part…it costs less than you think!

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Areas where heat is lost in your home

Up to 35% energy loss through existing walls

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Hear What Our Happy Customers Have To Say…

  • Joe & Bev ParickaCrew Was Awesome!

    Just wanted you to know your crew of men who completed our job today were awesome. They are hard workers! Friendly, polite and did a great job cleaning up, all in-spite of the oppressive heat. We will certainly recommend Retrofoam to our friends and neighbors.

  • Dave and Rita LThanks to Jerry, Crew & RetroFoam

    Thanks to Jerry, crew & Retrofoam. Jerry and his crew did an awesome job on our insulation job. We had a two part job. The first part was the walls and attic. They finished that part on time and when they left, you could not tell they had been there. The second part of the job was insulating a “play room” on the back of the house after it was remodeled. Again, when the crew left, you could not tell they had been there. Again, an awesome job. We have already noticed that we haven’t had to run the air conditioner very much and we are looking forward to seeing how much we will save on heat this winter. Both my wife and I will recommend Jerry and his crew to anybody that needs an insulation job done, whether it be an “older home” or a brand new one. Again, thank you Jerry and a special thanks to your crew!

  • Kimberly KThe guys were great!

    The guys were great! Professional, efficient, pleasant and great taste in music. I highly recommend this team!

  • Mary OProfessional and did a great job

    Professional and did a great job. Cleaned up after they were finished. Polite and answered any questions asked. Yes, I would recommend Retrofoam to anyone looking for insulation to be installed in their home.

  • Brad KnudsonExcellent job!

    Excellent job! Staff great to work with!

  • Eric NThe guys did a great job

    The guys did a great job… I would recommend RetroFoam to anyone that needs to get it done!

  • Arlo YLast Months bill was down $110.00

    We would be happy to recommend this company to anyone needing insulation! Our last months bill was down $110.00 from the previous month and the average temperature was colder! We hope to see this great decrease in the summer when using our air conditioning.

  • Trevor WiebbeckeThis is a great product and company

    This is a great product and company. There was a 5 degree difference on the interior wall temperature from before to after installation. The crew worked great together in an efficient and timely manner even though it was very cold outside. They cleaned up everything too, as if they were never here. We are very pleased with the crew, company, and product. I’m looking forward to seeing the savings from the added insulation now. If anyone has thoughts about redoing or adding insulation to a building by all means give these guys a call!

  • Keith and Shelley DavisBest thing we have ever done to our home

    Best thing we have ever done to our home, we should of done it along time ago. We thought you broke our thermostat at first since it never kicked on haha! They did a great job and you have a very good crew!

  • Lyle FlatnessYour Installers Are Great!

    I just wanted to say your installers are great! It was a cold windy day when they were here, but it sure didn’t slow them down. They were professional and didn’t waste a move! They were so worried about leaving a mess, I even told them a couple times, “We’re on a hill in the country, it will blow away.” Maybe in a year or two we can look at our exposed concrete. Thanks again!

  • Robert & Margaret NilesThanks for great customer service

    We were very happy with the great job Juan and crew done on insulating our home. They were very efficient, friendly and took pride in their efforts to do a professional job. We were impressed with their efforts to respect our home in cleaning up each area where they worked, inside and outside. Thanks for great customer service and we are proud to recommend RetroFoam of Iowa to everyone we know.

  • Linda BGreat customer service for sure!

    Thank you, and all your workers, for a good job done. You and your crew are friendly, professional AND polite. Great customer service for sure!

  • John TomkinsWe were very happy with the crew

    We had the Retrofoam poly (spray-on) foam crew at our house to do some work. We were very happy with the crew. They were very polite, courteous and answered all our questions. It was refreshing to have such a nice group of young men work well together and clean up after themselves.

  • D. WilliamsRefreshing to actually have “customer service”!

    Just wanted to send you a note about how good a group of workers you have. It has been a long time since I have anything close to what you guys do for customer service. Matt was on point with my needs and I couldn’t believe how quick this came together. The guys that were working today at my shop were the most personable, friendly, professional, and I swear my shop was cleaner after they left (and Matt can tell you I am a little anal out there) than it was before. Was just refreshing to actually have “customer service”!

  • Dan and Sue HubacekEntire house seemed warmer, no drafts

    Just gotta say thanks for the great job you and your crew did. Having been in the construction industry for the last 25 years, I know sometimes there are promises made that just don’t get the follow through. In this case my hat is off to you guys. They got here when they said the would, they were very professional while here and did an amazing job of replacing all of the siding that they took off. They were here just one day and did a fantastic job of insulating the walls. Great crew. I could tell immediately that the sound level had changed to be much quieter inside. My wife and I both commented on how the entire house seemed warmer, no drafts, and we never heard the furnace kick on and off in the night like we usually did. Cant wait to see the next utility bill. The change is very noticeable. I was also impressed with way the crew cleaned up. I cant tell they were even here. They even cleaned off some of the ice on the driveway. Thanks again. Use my name if you would like, I have nothing but good things to say.

  • J. HappelBest investment we’ve made in a long time

    We would just like to give an extra “Thanks” to the great crew that RetroFoamed our home this week. The crew leader was extremely professional and explained everything. They worked quickly and efficiently, when all done you could not tell anyone had been here. The drafts are gone and outside noise is no longer a problem. Best investment we’ve made in a long time.

  • Ron and Bonnie BerryClean up was great

    We are extremely pleased with the professionalism shown while installing this product in our home. Clean up was great. Job well done. Thanks.

  • Jack & Paula Dal PonteThe house is so quiet… it’s amazing!

    We live in a 50 year old brick home. RetroFoam of Iowa installed whole house insulation in 1 day. The work was clean, the mortar well-matched, and a minimum of fuss! The house is so quiet… it’s amazing! We can’t wait to reap the savings on our energy costs! We are very pleased!

  • Madonna GMy LP usage is down 35-40%

    I have a 100 year old 2-story farm house. Since I have had my house insulated by RetroFoam, all the drafts are gone. There is an even, consistent temperature throughout the house. The furnace doesn’t run all the time like it used to. I now turn the thermostat down to 66 at night instead of 72 and my house still feels warm. My LP useage is down 35-40%. Thank you to the guys from RetroFoam.

  • Katie and Nate LWe Loved That You Cleaned Up After Yourselves

    THANK YOU for the wonderful service during our RetroFoam experience. We are very pleased with everything. You all were very professional and courteous. We loved that you cleaned up after yourselves. Thank you for all of it. We do appreciate it and have talked of you highly to many people.

  • Jason M$76 on our FIRST BILL!

    Sioux Center, IA

    WOW. You and your team came to our place in mid-December to install your home insulation product. Your crew worked hard, cleaned up after themselves, and took good care of our home. That night, after Retrofoam had completed installation, my wife and I could immediately tell something was different in our home. It was a day or two before we figured out what it was.

    First of all – the house is so QUIET. We can’t hear traffic on our street, we can’t even tell when the furnace is running! Our house was built in 1977, so obviously we were a good candidate for re-insulation. We love how cozy our home is now – no more drafts (other than the 34-year-old windows).

    The real satisfaction came in our mail yesterday. We wanted to see if we could quantify our savings, so we got a copy of our last twelve months utilities. In January of 2010 our utility bill was $330. Our bill yesterday… $254!! $76 on our FIRST BILL! We are so happy with our choice and will recommend your product to anyone who will listen. THANK YOU!

  • Kerry EFive Stars From Me and My Family

    I just had your company, RetroFoam of Iowa, finish the job of insulating the walls of my 1968 colonial house. Because it was built in the 60′s when energy was cheap, it virtually had little to no insulation that was suitable for weather extremes. We could see a candle flicker in the winter or summer even though we had replaced all the windows.

    We are thrilled with not only the complete job performed but how it was performed. Installers were respectful not only in person but in regard to the condition of our home. Everything was cleaned up nicely
    and the work was thorough to the condition of our home. There was no hedging on the amount of the product used between the studs in the walls. Each section was completely filled. This is a wonderful product and I have immediately noticed results. The heat is kept out. Our air conditioner no longer runs constantly and the inside temperature is easily kept at 72 degrees. I cannot wait for our first freeze to see how the heat will stay in the home. My wife has asthma. The product had no affect on her asthma as far as worsening the condition. There was no odor either.

    Once again, I would recommend this company and its employees without any reservations whatsoever. Five stars from me and my family. Thank you very, very much and I will keep your sign in my yard as long as it holds together because I believe others should get this product in their homes and your installers know the job very, very well. It is rare these days to have competent and intelligent people hired to work on your home. Thank you again. If you need referrals just let me know!

  • Dan and Molly M25% savings on our monthly heating bills

    RetroFoam works!! Our water line used to freeze if the temp dropped below zero. After RetroFoam was installed, the temps hit 20 below and NO FROZEN PIPES. We also noticed a 25% savings on our monthly heating bills. Good for our pocketbook; good for the environment. It is a win-win. We would recommend RetroFoam to anyone

  • Dacia SLeft My Home Cleaner Than Before

    The house is so much more quiet and easier to heat. We don’t have the drafts we used to have. The RetroFoam dealer left my home cleaner than before.

  • Laura and Rod BSaving 40% a Month

    I LOVE RetroFoam! We’re saving 40% a month on our heating bill! Our home is a renovated farmhouse built in the 1940s. You could honestly hear the Northern Ohio winds hiss through the walls. Now our house is comfortable to sit in year round and there are NO MORE DRAFTS!

  • Steve DHouse is Not Drafty Anymore

    We noticed the difference immediately after having RetroFoam installed. Our furnace used to cycle every 10 minutes when set at 69°, now it cycles every 45 minutes at 66°. Also, the house is not drafty anymore

  • Matt RThe Floor is Toasty Warm

    Since we had RetroFoam installed, we noticed the house is much more comfortable. We used to notice the windy days, but now our home is very quiet. We have a bump-out area in the dining room where the floors were always cold, but now we can walk by our bay window in bare feet and the floor is toasty warm.

  • Chuck CA/C Units Don’t Have to Run Continually

    We can already tell the difference with RetroFoam. The A/C units don’t have to run continually to keep the house cool on hot days.

  • Dennis & Sally StarlingWe Were Really Impressed With the Crew at RetroFoam Iowa

    Calamus, IA

    We are so pleased we are with the job the crew at RetroFoam of Iowa performed. They were very professional and did a fantastic job. They did a great job of cleaning up and left our property in excellent shape. We have already noticed the difference in our cooling. I can’t wait for winter and how much difference it will make. Hopefully my utility and back bathroom won’t be cold any more. Thanks again for the great job!

  • The SchlimmersWe Were Totally Impressed!

    Iowa City, Iowa

    I wanted to call and tell you how great your crew was. They came in and went right to work. Everyone knew their jobs and worked consistently as a team. They answered all our questions and did not mind us talking to them while they worked. We were totally impressed!

  • Todd & Kathleen JacobsWe Can Feel A Difference Already

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you that we are grateful for Shane and his crew. They did a great job yesterday. We can feel a difference already. Please let the owners that we are thankful they kept to the original manufacturer warranty, we really appreciate it!

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